OT2 problems


OK The subject line here is probably a misnomer. The problem turns out to be (big surprise) the operator.

I have been chasing my RF-to-map link for a while. Lynn and others have been helping (Thank you)

Lynn: you said that my Tracker was not in KISS mode, but I looked and it WAS. At some point, perhaps on the fuzzy edge of sleep, I remembered that the Argent manual for the Tracker said that it would keep doing it's other functions, even if it was in KISS mode. That way, it can, among other things, digipeat while running as a weather reporting station. One of the things it would do is switch profiles based upon the settings specified with the setup program. On an earlier occasion, I had set up the tracker to switch profiles, based on valid/ invalid GPS strings. I had forgotten that, as I started trying to interface the OT2 with APRSIS32. What happened was the profile switched based on the fact that there was no GPS. Profile 2 was set to auto, and caused the all the trouble.

I have exposed my stupidity to the world here, hoping my brain fade might help someone avoid this struggle over a simple check mark in a box two menu levels down, somewhere.

my program is now happily populating with objects from RF, and I even had a message QSO with another member of our local club.

Thanks again for all the help. Now it's time to take this show on the road.

73 KC8SFQ Ron

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