Re: Help with setup for Open Tracker 2


> The response reminded me that I have the Tilt APRSISCE XML file for my
> T2-301 handy. It is listed below. It is practically identical to my
> settings for my OT2.

Hi guys (and gals)
Well.............. it has to be something REAL simple that I'm missing. I just found out how to get a terminal program on my win7 machine.

The packets are getting into the machine from the OT2, but they are not displaying on the APRSIS32 screen. I've played around with my XML file as noted in several previous posts and thus far, all I see is my own callsign. The IS side works fine, but I currently have that disabled so I can work on the RF-OT2-APRSIS32 link. That's where I really need to be, RF mobile without internet access, except occasionally to fetch maps.

Any help here greatly appreciated, I'm pretty much lost at this point.

Thanks and 73,  Ron

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