Re: Help with setup for Open Tracker 2


I'm following with interest as I fight the same battle at the same time

ThanksĀ  Ron
> At 09:00 PM 6/24/2011, toddsemko wrote:
>>Setting up with open tracker 2. Cant get it to work, cant find in
>>message search.
> When I tried Lynn's suggestions and the APRSIS wiki suggestions for
> the T2, I could not get the program to connect to the T2. I suspect
> that I did not have the T2 configured correctly to start with. After
> some experimentation, I came up with the following commands for a
> T2-135 which is very similar to the OT2.
> ^003^003^003~
> INT 0
> ^003^003^003~
> The open commands were derived from reading the Tracker 2 wiki's
> suggestions for using UI-View with the T2 in KISS mode. Start out
> using OTWinCfg to set the T2's ports to 9600 baud and automatic
> protocol detection. The first series of Ctrl-C's gets the T2's
> attention, then you tell it to not beacon, then you tell it to not
> send GPS waypoints back to the computer, then you tell the A port to
> go into KISS mode.
> Bob...

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