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Richard Johnson <rjjohn60@...>

Your think your Yahoo problem is difficult, In my case this is not my name or my primary email address. Because my real email is listed as secondary on this account I can not enroll another id for myself. I have tried to sort is out several times with Yahoo and have gotten nowhere. I just gave up use it as is.

I just started playing with APRSIS32 a few weeks ago and the people here were a great help to me getting it going. It is a lot easier to set up and use when compared to UIVIEW 32 which I have used for years.

Ken - N9KB

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Well, wonder of wonders, I finally got my new computer to hook up to Yahoo groups. I had tried every possible permutation of my login name and password, and as a last ditch attempt tried something I hadn't thought of for years. Lo and behold, it got me to the secret questions screen. From there I had it made. Now it remains to be seen if I can duplicate this miracle. While I understand Yahoo's need for security,I sure wish they could have been a bit more helpful.

Now what remains is to get this thing to run APRSIS32. It'd be a lot easier if I had some idea what I'm doing. I'm a welder/ fabricator by trade. In that life, if something doesn't work, I can revert to a BFH (Big Ferrous Hammer, they're made of iron) Wish me luck

73 Ron

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