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Keehan Dowd

At about 11-06-06 12:02 PM, Nigel Gunn G8IFF/W8IFF whilst discussing "Re: [aprsisce] lat  ant long?", wrote the following:

Because 22 seconds is 0.37 minutes and 53 seconds is 0.89 minutes.

APRS expects (INT(degrees) X 100)+(INT(minutes))+(INT(seconds)/60)

It's important to be aware of this.  Decimal minutes is most common with APRS.  After yesterday's RCMP marathon event a few of us stayed around chatting to some rescue folks about exactly this point.  They said all they need is degrees, minutes (and perhaps seconds if you have it).  Degrees and minutes only will usually get them close enough to see the incident, but if you have all three numbers, that'll drop them right on the spot.  Of course they're adept enough to work with just about any standard you throw at them, however deg, min, sec will always be appreciated as the quickest and least thought intensive method of relaying co-ord's.

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