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Hi Guys.
APRSIS is a drag and drop program, so if you can get the old HD out of the old machine, slave it, place it in the new one, or in SATA case just plug it in
you will have SATA if the new machine is on win7, turn it all on and stand back, wait for the bang.  hi hi. well ether way just copy your old APRSIS-32
off the old drive and copy it to the new machine, i have done it here around 8 times on all my Pc's win7, XP, even tried vista, not that good...
So if anyone wants to back up APRSIS just make a copy of the one you have going now, if using UIView-32, you will need to install that one
then coy your working version over the top replacing all that need to be.  this works well, even the password codes to.
Good luck Fred,
ps; i use Mozilla FireFox, not IE, just a idea...
         Peter VK2BLO

On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 1:03 AM, Fred Hillhouse <fmhillhouse@...> wrote:

It sounds like when you try to sign in you have actually hit the register button. Yahoo, will send a email to you with hints or some other thing. I have not done this myself so I am not much help there. Give that a shot. It may reset the password which will help.
With Win7, don't put APRSIS32 in My Documents. Windows is very protective of that space. Your mileage may vary. Hopefully someone running Win7 will respond with a better answer.
Best regards,
Fred, N7FMH

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Hi Guys and Gals:
Well, it begins again.
I had just about climbed out of the learning curve valley and had my computer talking to the other stuff. I had assumed that when  my OT2;s finally got here, there would be a little bit of a lump in the learning curve, and then I'd finally be running mobile APRS with mapping.

Well. that was not to be. My old hamfest-scored computer croaked. I had to buy a new machine, and now nothing works. I can't get into Yahoo Groups to download the APRSIS32 program. I tried moving it from my desktop (no good). I tried downloading from the wiki (no good). (fortunately, I can still view my group e-mails, so at least the learning can continue)

Yahoo groups wants me to sign in, when I try to do so, I am told that "that address is available, do you want to register a new account?" When I try to register as a new account, I am told "that address is taken". It's my callsign, The FCC assures me that I'm the only kc8sfq in the world. (still waiting for yahoo to help with that one.)

What I think i know:

1: The laptop that croaked had my passwords and cookies saved, obviously I can't get at those, and I can't find where I wrote them down. Probably why Yahoo won't let me in.

2: The APRSIS32 I down loaded just flashes with a horizontal bar across the screen. I expect this is due to the new machine being a win7 operating system. The literature for APRS32 says it'll run in "non administrator mode". I have no idea what that is, or how to get in or out of it.

I guess I'm mostly venting here, so thanks for plowing through it (or just hitting delete without busting my chops). Help with that administrator mode thing would be appreciated though, then I should be able to get the APRSIS32 running

Thanks and 73' Ron

Cheers, Pete.

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