New computer, new problems (drat)


Hi Guys and Gals:
Well, it begins again.
I had just about climbed out of the learning curve valley and had my computer talking to the other stuff. I had assumed that when  my OT2;s finally got here, there would be a little bit of a lump in the learning curve, and then I'd finally be running mobile APRS with mapping.

Well. that was not to be. My old hamfest-scored computer croaked. I had to buy a new machine, and now nothing works. I can't get into Yahoo Groups to download the APRSIS32 program. I tried moving it from my desktop (no good). I tried downloading from the wiki (no good). (fortunately, I can still view my group e-mails, so at least the learning can continue)

Yahoo groups wants me to sign in, when I try to do so, I am told that "that address is available, do you want to register a new account?" When I try to register as a new account, I am told "that address is taken". It's my callsign, The FCC assures me that I'm the only kc8sfq in the world. (still waiting for yahoo to help with that one.)

What I think i know:

1: The laptop that croaked had my passwords and cookies saved, obviously I can't get at those, and I can't find where I wrote them down. Probably why Yahoo won't let me in.

2: The APRSIS32 I down loaded just flashes with a horizontal bar across the screen. I expect this is due to the new machine being a win7 operating system. The literature for APRS32 says it'll run in "non administrator mode". I have no idea what that is, or how to get in or out of it.

I guess I'm mostly venting here, so thanks for plowing through it (or just hitting delete without busting my chops). Help with that administrator mode thing would be appreciated though, then I should be able to get the APRSIS32 running

Thanks and 73' Ron

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