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Lynn Deffenbaugh

Thanks for the Tilt offer, but I suspect it will happen on mine if I simply close the client with the GPS enabled.  Unless you're running a "baked" ROM?  Maybe there's a difference between the stock 6.1 and the various other ROMs available for the phone?

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 5/23/2011 10:17 AM, Fred Hillhouse wrote:

I am seeing the same error.  I dismiss it a couple of times and life is good again. Disabling the GPS does work to avoid the error.
I tend to leave APRSISCE and the GPS running. I do have an USB port to plug into when I am at home of the office and the vehicle has a charger.
Lynn, when you return, I could send my Tilt to you if there seems to be some oddness with some but not others.
Best regards,
Fred, N7FMH

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Please make sure your GPS is disabled when you close the application on
Windows Mobile. That's a known bug that I haven't been able to
duplicate nor fix yet. Chances are actually pretty high that I'll
encounter it myself on this trip, but in my normal operations, for
battery life considerations, I keep the GPS off unless I'm actually
mobile during which time I typically don't close the client.

So, disable the GPS before closing and your problem will likely go
away. You can double-click the "fix" display box to toggle the GPS
enable status also.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

PS. It may require editing the XML file to manually disable the GPS to
get your client running again. Or just delete the XML file and
reconfigure on the next run might do the trick.

Any input from Colin on recovering from this one?

On 5/22/2011 2:36 AM, sq3nqe wrote:
> After updating the application to the Versions Users of June, the application window closes on startup. The following log:
> ===========================LOG=======================================
> Timer:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:07 hwndUnknown:MainWindowProc(7C07D4C0 WM_SIZE 00000000 012600F0) took 0.1sec (previous 0.0sec)
> Activity:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:07 GetDeviceCaps(DriverVersion)=262145 (0x40001)
> Activity:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:07 GetDeviceCaps(Technology)=RASDISPLAY or 1 (0x1)
> Activity:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:07 GetDeviceCaps(ShadeBlendCaps)=*Unknown* or 23 (0x17)
> Config:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:08 LoadConfiguration FAILED, Defining Default
> Config:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:08 Prompting for Configuration
> Config:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:35 SaveXmlConfiguration(\My Documents/APRSISCE.xml) User:General
> Config:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:35 VerifyOSMPath[Original](OSMTiles/)/APRSISCE6P.osm
> Config:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:35 Try[0] Probe OSM(OSMTiles/APRSISCE6P.osm) Worked!
> Config:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:35 OSMPath(OSMTiles/) Contains ONLY OSM Data
> Config:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:35 SaveXmlConfiguration(\My Documents/APRSISCE.xml) Loaded:Changed
> IGateEnabled:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:35 ***** IGate Disabled Bi-Directional *****
> APRS-IS:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:35 Starting APRS-IS
> APRS-IS:APRS-IS:2011-05-22T06:27:35 TcpReader Running on or (0 OpenCmds, 0 CloseCmds)
> IGateEnabled:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:35 ***** IGate Disabled Bi-Directional *****
> Activity:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:35 ***** Enabling GPSapi
> Timer:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 hwndUnknown:TriggerTelemetry(GetSystemPowerStatus) took 0.1sec (previous 0.0sec)
> Config:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 VerifyOSMPath[Original](OSMTiles/)/APRSISCE6P.osm
> Config:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 Try[0] Probe OSM(OSMTiles/APRSISCE6P.osm) Worked!
> Config:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 OSMPath(OSMTiles/) Contains ONLY OSM Data
> Activity:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 Loaded 0 RFPorts
> Activity:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 ***** PaintMainWindow:New ShadowMap(0xDE0450) 240 x 268 (t:0 240x268 w:480 pl:1 bpp:16)
> OSM:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 OSMRegisterTileServer:NEW[0][] into OSMTiles/
> OSM:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 OSMIsTileSetCompatible:NULL ts
> Timer:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 hwndUnknown:CirclePaint(OSM(c0):235x203=FAIL) took 0.0sec (previous 0.0sec)
> OSM:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 OSMMakeTileBitmap:Expanded bigCount to 1
> OSM:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 OSMGetTileInfo:Growing Cache To 16 (Max 0)
> OSM:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 OSMGetTileSet Took 122.00msec for 3/9 Tiles (1 Built) (Max 0.00msec)
> APRS-IS:APRS-IS:2011-05-22T06:27:36[0] =
> APRS-IS:APRS-IS:2011-05-22T06:27:36[1] =
> APRS-IS:APRS-IS:2011-05-22T06:27:36[2] =
> APRS-IS:APRS-IS:2011-05-22T06:27:36[3] =
> APRS-IS:APRS-IS:2011-05-22T06:27:36[4] =
> APRS-IS:APRS-IS:2011-05-22T06:27:36[5] =
> APRS-IS:APRS-IS:2011-05-22T06:27:36[6] =
> APRS-IS:APRS-IS:2011-05-22T06:27:36[7] =
> APRS-IS:APRS-IS:2011-05-22T06:27:36 Connecting([0/7]) or
> APRS-IS:APRS-IS:2011-05-22T06:27:36 Connected([0/7]=>
> APRS-IS:APRS-IS:2011-05-22T06:27:36 Firing NewConnection
> APRS-IS:APRS-IS:2011-05-22T06:27:36 Back from NewConnection
> OSM:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 OSM(g0):235x203@0=1/0/0/3 B:0.1(S:0.0) W:0.3 (NULL ts)
> Timer:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 hwndUnknown:CirclePaint(OSM(g0):235x203@0=1/0/0/3 B:0.1(S:0.0) W:0.3 (NULL ts)) took 0.5sec (previous 0.0sec)
> Timer:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 hwndUnknown:CirclePaint(OSM(c+g)[0]:235x203=1/0/0/3) took 0.5sec (previous 0.0sec)
> Timer:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 hwndUnknown:rcPaint(Circle:235x203) took 0.5sec (previous 0.0sec)
> CPU:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 New Thread: 1254835182(WinMain) Up: 31sec
> CPU:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 New Thread: 720588374(APRS-IS) Up: 1sec
> CPU:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 New Thread: -356218154(OSMMonitor) Up: 0sec
> Timer:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 hwndUnknown:Paint(RCs) took 0.6sec (previous 0.0sec)
> Timer:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 hwndUnknown:MainWindowProc(7C07D4C0 WM_PAINT 00000000 00000000) took 0.7sec (previous 0.1sec)
> Version:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 winMain:Running APRSISCE6P(2011/05/17 18:27)
> Activity:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 SetPortStatus: wp[8765] APRS-IS Start
> Activity:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:36 SetPortStatus: wp[8765] APRS-IS Init
> Activity:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:37 SetPortStatus: wp[8765] APRS-IS Resolve
> Activity:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:37 SetPortStatus: wp[8765] APRS-IS Connect
> APRS-IS:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:37 APRS-IS SubStatus
> Activity:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:37 SetPortStatus: wp[8765] APRS-IS OpenCmd
> APRS-IS:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:37 Filter #filter m/80 r/0.00000/0.00000/80
> Filter:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:37 #filter m/80 r/0.00000/0.00000/80
> Activity:WinMain:2011-05-22T06:27:37 SetPortStatus: wp[8765] APRS-IS OK
> ================================END LOG=============================
> This device is ASUS A696 with Windows Mobile 5.0.
> ------------------------------------
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