Re: compatible hardware setup


>Argent data will supply a TNC2KISS chip at minimal cost. That will change it to a kiss only TNC it's a couple of $ plus post.

I was not aware that Scott could (would) do that. I think,  however,  I'll give him a little while to recover from Dayton, and catch up on the other stuff he had to push back to get ready for that delightful lunacy. If a cheep, kiss only TNC conversion will keep this old TNC going a little longer, It might be worth it.

> I have a TNC2 clone and had no real issues, open/close commands along with
> quiet time kicked it back into kiss,

I tried that, but as Lynn pointed out, APRSIS32 doesn't care if a packet decodes properly, just that it's there (to reset the quiet-time timer).
> Thanks for reminding me to add a bit more detail on that.
> Unless of course you want to write it up. :-)

I'd be glad to .............IF i had some idea what I'm talking about. From our earlier discussion regarding "Dropping out of KISS" It is patently obvious that is NOT the case .

I am sure glad there people who intimately understand this stuff and are willing to share their knowledge. Now........... if you want to talk about welding or machining, I can expound ad-nauseum. But, I digress, and that's a topic for another forum.

Thanks and 73  Ron

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