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We have a link in the Wiki to Chip’s write up of overlays. It’s well worth a read if you wonder about overlays


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Correction to the URL for the KARC webpage for How to Use Overlay Files as a space ended up in the link:

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Basicically overlay files are a text file that has an object name, icon, lat/long and a comment.

UI-VIew overlay files are directly compatible with APRSIS.

I have used my overlay files with APRSIS32 on a Windows 7 platform.  I will try and borrow a Windows Mobile and loadup the mobile app APRSISCE and see if the overlays work the same way on the mobile deivice.  If some one is already using overlay files on a mobile app and confirm this it would help. 

I am presently updating the "How to Use Overlay Files" on the Kingston ARC web page to include how to use overlay files with APRSIS32. There are a couple of overlay files on the page that you can download and use a text editor to look at for the format. Note that unlike other APRS programs, APRSIS does not require a specific directory/folder for the overlay files to be in. s.htm

If you download any of the files on the KARC website note that they have not been updated for some time but will be updated shortly (Have to located my original spreadsheet since I've changed computers).

I will disect one of the files and post the format here on the list as well as on the KARC web page.

Once I have the updates done they wil be passed for input on the wiki as well.

Cheers and 73
Chip, VA3KGB

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Am I correct in assuming that overlay files are basically the data content of packets listed in a file? Any reference to how overlay files are created or formatted? I have created one with the Aid stations for the TX Ironman by assuming it was a packet data string.

Is there any way to load general shape files to display them?

What is the "Screen | Preferred | Multitrack | Percent etc"


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