Re: WIKI updating


Outstanding Thank you.

73  Ron
> I have a screen shot from Lynn that has all the little boxes, lines,
> and everything else on it that I have to disect and turn into a Wiki
> page. I'm just in the middle of an ARES activation in support of a
> 10,000 person fire evacuation. When I get back and after it, that page
> will be forthcoming.
> James
> On 5/20/11, kc8sfq@... wrote:
>> I'd like to see a screen shot of the map screen with all the little
>> boxes
>> and creeping lines of various colors explained. I'm sure it's probably
>> all
>> in there but it'd be easier for us newbies if it were consolidated
>>  "with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back
>> telling what each one was" (any body else remember that line) Think
>> Arlo Guthrie about 1968
>> Please don't think that I'm
>> complaining. Quite the contrary, I've done just enough programing to
>> understand the enortmity of a task of this nature. Thank you.
>> 73  Ron
>> +++++++++++++++++
>>> Well that's
>> the answer then, I will attempt to reorganise a bit and see if
>> I
>>> can get recently changes/added bit showing somewhere

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