Tactical Call Signs

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AKA Nicknames revisited

Snipit from a conversation including Bob WB4APR on the APRS group

Yes, I agree that as long as people take PRECAUTIONS, then local assignment
of tactica calls can work. What I wanted EVERY software to do when using
locally assigned tactical calls was to make sure that BOTH the REAL CALL and
TACTICAL call must be shown on the map and in every instance in the program,

KC2ANT>I'm hoping that Lynn KJ4ERJ will see this part and can add this as an option for APRSISCE/32

So IGNORE me if all these precautions are taken.
Your doing a great job. I agree with you completely that it is easy for me
to say to chage the calls in the radios in the field, but in practice with
so many dumb trackers and so few people remembering how to change them, it
is a moot point.

KC2ANT> That is the problem, not everyone does KNOW
how to change the radio...
The good news now that we have 8 models of APRS radios out there and more
and more of the trackers are 2-way devices, that more and more of our
mobiles will be able to easily change their tactical calls on the fly.

KC2ANT>And again, it still relies on the end user being proficient enough with their own gear to get the job done at a moments notice. Theory and reality part ways at this point.

I'm all for everyone knowing how to run their gear, but I've learned a long time ago that I (we) need to find ways to overcome the lacking of others to make things work when the brown stuff hits the fan. Thank you USMC and Emergency Services for those lessons.


Thank you,




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