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Doug Ferrell <kd4moj-lists@...>

Glad I found you a bug Lynn!

i did manage to hear those 3 'clicks' but that is the only other sound i've heard in addition to the bonk.


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You can test these sounds by unchecking Enables / APRS-IS Enabled and then re-checking it. I'm suspecting it's the re-connect (bonk) that you're hearing as the other is just a ding. When anything goes wrong on a connection, I invoke MessageBeep(MB_ICONHAND) and when things go back to normal, I use MessageBeep(MB_OK).

However, now that I look at the code, I actually have the condition backwards! For you "C" programmer's out there, the following is worng, isn't it?

if (ActiveConfig.Enables.Sound) MessageBeep(newState?MB_ICONHAND:MB_OK);

Wow, all these years (yes years), and I've had it backwards the whole time. Expect a revision on this one, but maybe not for 2.5 weeks, unfortunately.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE/32 and sometimes dyslexic

PS. MessageBeep: When I fix it, I might change from MB_ICONHAND on the error to MB_ICONWARNING, thoughts?

On 5/19/2011 8:26 AM, Doug Ferrell wrote:

Lesse... I know that when the prgm starts, and probably the Quiet Time expiration is when I hear it. I haven't heard any other sounds, just the critical stop sound. I'll listen more closely for the "happy sound" you mentioned.

I have the prgm running on my lappy sitting on my desk at work so I'm able to monitor it all day.


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