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Lynn Deffenbaugh

Yes, the group is being migrated as we speak and it is still called APRSISCE.  The migration tool requires the new group to be a premium level for the first year, so I did have to sign up for that.  I've got their "Easy Yahoo Group Transfer" sheet beside me and am waiting for them to accept the invite to the Yahoo group after which I need to set it as a moderator and they'll pull the data after that.

Ready or not, here we go!

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Lynn KJ4ERJ,

I too don't use the web interface, no need to with my desktop PC. Is the group(S) being transferred to there and is it already created and are they the same names? It was easy for me to create an account there since I already have a couple of Gmail email addresses. Hopefully it allows you to download the emails sent to it like the email does. I haven't gone on beyond registering. I think I had better bookmark that page too while I'm thinking about it.


Dave N8PU


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Thanks for the heads-up.  I don't use the web interface and would have completely missed this.


Transfer to has been initiated.


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