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Welcome to the APRSISCE/32 Support Group

Note: When requesting membership, you should receive a (nearly immediate) e-mail response requesting your name and callsign.  This is our way of keeping spammers at bay.  Please REPLY to this e-mail with your NAME and CALLSIGN and we'll get your membership approved!  APRSISCE/32 is intended for licensed amateur radio operators only and that privilege comes with the responsibility of identification by CALLSIGN.  It's really not that hard.
This group is for hints, tips, and support of KJ4ERJ's APRSISCE APRS-IS client for Windows Mobile (CE) and now Windows both 32 and 64 bit versions. The software will also work on Linux under WINE.
APRSISCE on Windows Mobile works best on a device with an internal GPS and an unlimited data connection.  It displays OpenStreetMap.org maps in realtime as you move and zoom.
APRSIS32 works on Windows machines (including 7/8 as a non-administrator) and is otherwise a near-duplicate of APRSISCE so you can have one program on both your home and mobile platforms.
Membership is moderated, but conversations in the group are not.  For the record, the group's charter is as follows:
1) To field problem reports, questions, and announcements related to APRSISCE/32
2) To field enhancement requests and solicit justification for said requests
3) To discuss topics related to APRS usage in general - although these may be deflected to the aprssig
4) To allow some information exchange and casual discussion among APRSISCE/32 users
For the latest information on APRSISCE, please visit the Wiki at http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/start
We can only supply passcodes for licenced Radio Amateurs who are using APRSISCE/32

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