Re: To New Members


Thank you Joe for all your help in this transition. I do not post very often, but I do read most of the posts from other members.

Thanks again.
Rod Rath

Re: This Group is Turning On with Content

Randy Diddel

Thanks for taking this on!

vy 73



This Group is Turning On with Content

Joe Sammartino

The following message was sent out at the YAHOO APRS Group:

In the event that the YAHOO APRS Group shuts down completely, a group by the same name - APRS - had been created at in 2016.


Since YAHOO/VERIZON is driving YAHOO Groups into the ground, I have begun to capture all content from the YAHOO Group and migrate to the new Group at


You can visit and join at or send an email to .




Joe, N2QOJ

Re: Mobilinkd TNC


I use that combo- works great. No complaints.

Mobilinkd TNC

Ray, W4BYG

Does anyone know i the Mobilinkd TNC APRS system will work with a Yaesu FT-60R?
If so, what operational limitations should be expected, other than HT issues like power, etc.?
Your attention is appreciated.
Ray, W4BYG

To New Members

Joe Sammartino

Thank you for joining the Group.  This was created in the event that the APRS YAHOO Group gets closed.

Please continue to use the APRS YAHOO Group as your primary support site.

Thank you, Joe, N2QOJ - APRS Owner