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We are still accepting members but this group is on VACATION. No sharing will be going on. Maybe once in a while an announcement will be made or some sort of share. Stay put and we will reopen probably after the summer. Sooner maybe!

The current archived messages have been deleted. That is why it shows 0 topics. The older messages are remaining at the moment but will be deleted as time allows. They are empty - no attachments and no previews. 

If you want to receive animated tags and images as well as other types of shares, please join these groups.
All you need to do is sit back and snag. 

Nettes Thirty Shares

My Treasure Trunk.

Note: Please watch for our pending email. Fill it out completely, initial, and send back to become a member.

This is a Animation Share Group so if it moves it can be shared here!
We share any and every kind of animation, with the exception being Incredimail Letters.

While you can share anything that has animation, some examples would be:
Alphas, Backgrounds, Blank Tags, Comp Sets, Dolls, DOTW, Emoticons, Glitters, Little Gifs, Tag Extras, Etc.
Please stay on the "No Background" setting if using the Incredimail program because not every member has it.

Shares range from G-rated to SAC. Please add SAC to your subject line when sending those shares.
We ask that you don't mix G-rated and SAC together in the same email when sending shares to the group. Thanks!

New members are required to share the first week of your membership being approved.
After that no mandatory sharing, but send as much as you want, the more that is shared the better the group!

Note: This is an English speaking group and there is no advertising allowed in the emails please.
This includes blogs, web sites, and groups. Rule reminders are sent privately to ensure no one is ever embarrassed.

We would love to have you here sharing and snagging with us!

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