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This is a group of volunteer examiners registered with the ARRL to administer amateur radio exams to the public.
We hold test sessions every *odd* month (i.e. Jan, Mar, May, etc) on the *second* Saturday starting at 9:00am sharp (please do not be late, VEs show up about 15 minutes early).
We are located at 10824 Hope St. in the city of Cypress in California. The nearest cross streets are Katella and Valley View.
All are welcome! No pre-registration is required. Just bring $15 and a picture ID. If you are upgrading, make sure to bring your current license (or CSCE from a previous session).
If you do not want to use your SSN number on the 605 form, please obtain an FRN number from the FCC prior to the test session.
We recommend that you be taking the exam online ( is one site) and be getting 85%+ before taking the actual exam.

Harrison Spain - AC6TI


If you have not purchased the study guide (from Amazon usually), I would encourage you to do so. Take the practice exam online ( for the free version, or for the paid version) and LOOKUP in your study guide any questions you get wrong. In this way, you only study the stuff you DON'T know :-). Skip memorizing the frequencies; you will have one of those frequency charts once you get your license, and it's one question; just guess on it.

Take the exam once daily (no need to study, you will do that for each question you get wrong). Studying the questions you get wrong will bring you up to speed quickly. When you are getting 85%+ on the exam, you should be ready to take the test :-).

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