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The "lesson" that humans evolved on the dry Savannah is not taught all over the World. Even within ROoA the hypothesis has serious troubles, such as the only known Homo erectus torso being built for sprinting not long distance running. 

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Onderwerp: WHAT Talk #08 - Erika Schagatay on Man's Place Among the Diving Mammals

Dear One and All

Those of you who attended the last WHAT talk, last Sunday, will need no reminding of how brilliant Erika’s talk was.

Those of you who didn’t will be relieved to learn that her lecture has now been posted on-line for anyone and everyone to view for ever – whenever you like!

Here’s a direct link to the talk on our YouTube Channel…

Odd, isn’t it? We humans can learn to free dive so well and so quickly - as well as many semi-aquatic mammals do, in fact – and yet the orthodox model of human evolution taught all over the world is *still* that we evolved on the dry, open savannah.

50 years ago, Elaine Morgan thought she’d killed off the “Man the Mighty Hunter” idea of human evolution and yet, like a zombie, it refuses to die. It’s been reincarnated with Dan Lieberman’s “Man the Mighty Marathon Runner” idea.

Come on, people! Let’s not fall for it again.


Of course, you can keep up with this and all the talks on our web site On the web site I’ve also posted a few papers Erika has kindly shared with us to support her talk.

Next up is Peter Rhys Evans, the Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon who will, I assume, be talking about the bizarre human paranasal sinuses and the phenomenon of ear exostoces.

(Please get in touch, Peter!)

With best regards

Algis Kuliukas


Any feedback on this email, and the links within it would be much appreciated.

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