Re: Ticks, Hair Loss, and Non-Clinging Babies


Aquatic mammals with hair usually have little hair that does not affect much or hair of types which keep the skin dry. Hominids do not have the type of hair which can keep the skin dry. 

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Thanks Nancy.
I have a similar idea about hairlessness, but concerning mud fever (leptospirosis), which affects fertility and can be fatal, while fungal infections seem to be less so. Details here --  -- at the end of the section headed Now eat your clam.


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My theory has long been that fungal infections drove hairlessness. Features don't evolve to do something. Lethal features kill off those without a less lethal feature - such as hairlessness. but it's still conjecture. Why are some littoral beasts fur covered (i.e. beavers) and others nearly naked (elephants, rhinos, hippos)? 

I do think it has something to do with lethality during infancy.

Nancy Bovee

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