ape evolution in short?

Marc Verhaegen

You know my ideas today on plate tectonics & hominoid evolution,
in short:
-India approaching Eurasia: Eurasian Catarrhini to wetlands->aquarboreal hominoids
-India further under Eurasia, dividing lesser (E) & great (W) apes colonizing Tethys Ocean coasts
-Mesopotamian Seaway closure c 15 Ma, dividing hominids (W = Med.Sea) & pongids (E)
-pongids along Ind.Ocean "forcing" hylobatids higher into trees
-hominids becoming extinct (Messinian Salinity?) except in Red Sea = hominids HPG
-Gorilla following incipient Rift c 8 Ma -> Zinjanthropus afarensis (Pliocene)->boisei (Pleist.)
-opening Red Sea into Gulf c 5 Ma: Pan along E.Afr.->Au.africanus (Plio-)->robustus (Pleist.)
-Pliocene Homo along S.Asian coasts->ice ages->shellfish-diving H.erectus ("aq.ape" s.s.).

But why did Homo & Pan evolve differently along the Ind.Ocean shores?
Did the presence of aquarboreal pongids in S.Asian coasts "force" Homo to become more shallow-diving??

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