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He was interrogating me on twitter and seems to have been satisfied in the end. For example he asked if I made up the phrase “purative selection” and said he could not find anything about it, so I gave him a link to a paper on that subject. I have been catching a lot of flack in social media lately about the Plinian event human fossil, of the same type as the Pompeii fossils, which we are proposing in the oldest certain modern human known from Europe.  Seems to me Apidima 1 should be certain enough, 200kya Greece, with no bun on the occipital, but many still try to claim her as a Neanderthal. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________Aquatic adaptations in Hominids has picked up a lot of credibility in academia. While we war the war based upon facts for multiregionalism, multiregionalism is pretty much dead and a lot of people seem to want to do their best to keep us dead. Our fossil is being called a hoax – fraud fake depending on the source. But no bog names or anyone who actually understands Hominids will back them on such claims I know of yet. Museum curators who known about nothing about humanins from other fields yes are backing them. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________Three professionals already think it is a real fossil, and they will not debate me on any public forum about this issue, and the fossil is free access to everyone, So just smoke and mirrors on their part so far. History with Kayleigh has done a video on the fossil being a hoax, but she is not a real person just an actress and the way she gets her lines wrong, and how they are written to begin with, show their opinions are for entertainment purposes only. The Levant is not that hard of a journey to Sardinia, and I think these early modern humans were partially marine foragers. Their teeth suggest they were eating tough marine plants or they were working thin lines with their teeth (in Grimaldi at least which is much later but has affinities with the older ones). Here is a photo of the teeth, which are slightly more primitive than those of Herto and more primitive than any modern human known from the Levant.  


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Do you know Algis Kuliukas? One of Elaine's most devoted fans who wrote one of her biographies (The one focusing on her scientific work) Knows a lot about human hip joints re wading.



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Any opinions about this? Seems some branches of AAT are becoming established in main stream science. 4_Kuliukas.pdf (



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