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It is not known where the Hominid began geographically. It did seem very unlikely to be all or in part Africa. Now there is some fossil evidence it might have been partly in Africa. The oldest hylobatid now is South Asia, no evidence they were every in Africa or came from Africa. That is one of the most importation refutations of Hominids beginning exclusively in Africa. Hylobatids are certainly the closest living relatives of Hominids. Eurasia appears much more the center of origins and development of Hominids than Africa. ______________________________________________________________________________________________Before large monkeys like Proconsul were thought to be proto-apes. They are not, though now there is some evidence they had some input into Hominids such as HGT or even inter-specific introgression. The same is true for pliopithecoids, which are now known just a little from Africa. Essentially in some cases large bodied monkeys, not ancestral to Hominids, but with some evidence of some input into Hominids even Hominins. __________________________________________________________________________________________________Some pliopithecoids, the fossil record suggests, may have been the first terrestrial bipedal primates. Pliopithecoids are not even Old World monkeys, they are just general early divergent monkeys, and have traits of both Old and New World monkeys as plesiomorphs. And they share a lot of dental morphology with australopiths, too much for coincidence or convergence perhaps.


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I agree with you 100% on the OWM on India for an allopatric speciation into the tailless Apes.  The stem Hylobates landed in SE Asia where great apes were created.  


The ancestor of all four extent great Apes (Orang, Gorilla, Chimp and Human) radiated from SE Asia, NOT Africa.  Homo’s ancestor left on India and did not return until 1.8mya.





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> India under Asia:

> 1) OWM/ape split: apes colonized India (low, wet, hot) & became aquarboreal: vertical waders-climbers along the Tethys Ocean,

> 2) the Himalaya split colobines (E) & cercopithecines (W),

> 3) India split lesser (E) & great (W) apes (still predom.aquarboreal):

> -- hylobatids along the SE.Asian Ind.Ocean coasts,

> -- gr.apes along the Tethys=Med.Sea.


> The Mesopotamian Seaway closure c 15 Ma split hominids (W) & pongids (E):

> -- pongids along the SE.Asian coastal forests, forcing hylobatids higher into the trees,

> -- hominids around the Red & Med.Sea (Graecopith, footprints, Oreopith etc.) + inland along rivers.

> HPG in Red Sea.


> E.Afr.Rift fm split Gorilla & HP c 8 Ma:

> G followed the rift ->subgenus Praeanthropus Pliocene afarensis ->Pleist. Pr.boisei.


> Opening of Red Sea c 5 Ma? = Zanclean flood??:

> - Pan fossil subgenus Australopithecus initially followed the E.Afr.coasts ->Pliocene africanus ->Pleist.robustus // E.Afr.apiths,

> - Homo followed the S.Asian coasts ->Peistocene shellfish-diving.



> ??









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