Re: Enhydritherium terraenovae


On Sun, Dec 12, 2021 at 09:08 AM, Marc Verhaegen wrote:
At Algis's ZOOM session a few hours ago, IIRC somebody said something about apiths having lived near salt water lakes?
I didn't understand it well, but is there evidence of apiths living near saltwater lakes rather than freshwater?
Saltwater lakes are not stable over geological time. They vary in salinity between dry periods and wet periods, and typically become poisonous or totally evaporated at times. Apes could occupy a saltwater lake for a geologically short time, but no long enough to evolve human features. When the lake becomes uninhabitable, the apes would have to wander to another location, which would eliminate any reproductive isolation. There is no supply of fresh water available around a saltwater lake.

If AAT people talk about saltwater lakes as a possible habitat, no one will take AAT seriously. That is one of the reasons why AAT has been rejected for 60 years -- no habitat in dry eastern Africa is reasonable. 

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