Re: Was Lucy Our Ancestor?


On Sat, Nov 20, 2021 at 05:50 PM, terry turner wrote:
Supporters of a proposition do a poor job of finding its weak points. Creationists make a cottage industry of picking apart everything that does not sound biblical. One day they will discover AAT and it will be interesting to see what they do with it.
I am certain that Lucy is a falsification, like Piltdown Man. But even when this hoax is thrown out, and when AAT replaces savanna theory, established paleoanthropologists and creationists will not retract their published views.

In my research on the ridicule and denial of continental drift (very similar to AAT), I realized that self-respecting scientists don't change sides, even when it's obvious that they have been completely wrong. It's like in football — halfway through a match, one team may be so far behind that they have no chance to win. But no one changes shirts and joins the other team. They continue to play and tell themselves that they still might win. It has to do with honor and respect for the institutions they belong to. And by continuing, they further demonstrate their talents and skills. 

I wrote much more about this in my first book on the history of continental drift, p. 276-282. But I deleted those pages in the revised version of my book, because they would surely not be allowed by the editor or referees. (My revised book was accepted by a scientific editor and referees, but then I withdrew it and made it freely available on the internet.) 


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