Re: On ancestry


On Thu, Oct 7, 2021 at 08:29 PM, alandarwinvanarsdale wrote:
Human geneticists learned about Out of Africa and made their data fit the Recent Out of Africa hypothesis by elevating the hypothesis to axiomatic status.
Reading DNA code of living animals is not like interpreting Australopithecus or Homo erectus. Paleoanthropologists never find a complete skeleton that was respectfully buried and preserved, and never find a fire-pit with the charred bones of animals that had been roasted and eaten. Geneticists are not making this stuff up about Out of Africa. DNA is like reading a book, where the text is actually legible. Anyone able to read, reads the same thing. In paleoanthropology, they have to guess all the time, based on the meager fossil evidence and the models in their heads. Their work can also be compared to reading a book, but they only have a few scraps of text to work with, and they won't let you test whether their text scraps are authentic.

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