Re: On ancestry


On Tue, Oct 5, 2021 at 02:26 AM, Gareth Morgan wrote:
if you can actually read ... you determine that two books were written by the same author
This from Elaine's stalker who was convinced she was posting under a different name from her death bed. Hilarious.

I guess you are now calling me ‘Elaine’s stalker’, because I have read and made available her published works that she wanted to be available. You are Elaine’s literary executor, but you are acting like some sort of ‘literary executioner’: Pinker’s List (2005) and her autobiography Knock ’Em Cold, Kid (2012) are now dead (unavailable). You tell us what you remember her saying, which often disagrees with what she wrote. 

So who was the mysterious ‘m3dodds’, who signed their posts as ‘m3d’ or ‘Bill’? That person was incredibly knowledgeable in topics Elaine was interested in, and held many (but not all) of Elaine’s published opinions. ‘M3dodds’ posted 2992 messages from 2005 to 2013, whereas no one calling herself Elaine ever posted here. The last message by m3dodds was posted June 30, 2013, two weeks before Elaine died, and then m3d seems to have died as well. I think the odds are good that ‘m3d’ was Elaine’s pseudonym, and someone else did the typing toward the end. Elaine wanted to contribute, with the attention being on her messages and not her name and status. 


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