"Trust me, I'm a paleoanthropologist"


We can laugh about this picture "Trust me, I'm a robot." from Elaine Morgan's book Pinker's List (2005).

I think we should laugh at the fact that we trusted Arthur Keith and Charles Dawson and their Piltdown Man for forty years. And we should laugh at, and not trust, other well known paleoanthropologists and their claims to fame: Eugene Dubois (Java Man), Davidson Black (Peking Man), Donald Johanson (Lucy), Mary Leakey, Richard Hay, and Terry Harrison (Laetoli fossils), Alan Walker, Richard Leakey, Kamoya Kimeu, Pat Shipman (Turkana Boy), Ronald J. Clarke (Little Foot.)

If you want to know why I think these claims are laughable, read this manuscript:  


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