AAT is an “existential threat" to the science of paleoanthropology


All animals are programmed to continue to exist. This applies to humans as well, and also to businesses, organizations, political parties, universities, scientific journals, established religions, etc. 


The AAT brings attention to soft-body anatomy and physiology—things that aren't fossilized. This threatens the very existence of the science of paleoanthropology. If AAT gains status, paleoanthropology—with its fossil specialists, and its museums, university departments, and science journals that specialize in fossils—will lose status, money, and research jobs.  


That is why paleoanthropologists have been so hostile to AAT. The rejection of AAT has nothing to do with “speculation” or “lack of proof” of aquatic environments. All fossil interpretations are speculative. The rejection of AAT is because if AAT is accepted, paleoanthropology will completely cease to exist. Paleoanthropology will be called paleoprimatology, and will lose much of its financial support. The study of human origins will be called anthropogeny. 

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