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Hi Allan,


Lucy, Turkana Boy & Little Foot are not “collages”, but remarkably complete.

I think you see too many conspiracies?

Hi Marc
It is true that I see conspiracies whereas most people prefer to avoid seeing them. People choose to be naive when it helps them succeed in the business that they are engaged in. For example, the child abuse problem in the Catholic church and the Boy Scouts of America, the brain-damage problem of American football, and many more conspiracies one could name. 

Lucy, Turkana Boy & Little Foot are indeed “collages”. From a collection of fragments, they chose the ones to use, and ignored the others, without documenting what was ignored. What is remarkable about these collages is that they could not glue together fragments that looked like the kind of foot that they thought these apes must have had.

For building Turkana Boy, they mentioned in the scientific publication that they did not use a metatarsal foot bone (because it was not appropriate, and could not belong to this skeleton.)

For building Little Foot, they found bones in a cave that has lots of monkey bones from different individuals in different places. They found the leg bones in one place, and ignored an arm bone there. They found the arm bones that they used in another place, and the head in yet another place. By combining different individuals (they convinced themselves and others that it was the same individual), they got leg bones that were long in relation to the arm bones. And no feet! You can watch a lecture by Ronald Clarke to understand this: (See minutes 16:37 to 17:00, which shows a monkey bone, that was ignored, while other important parts used in this supposed “skeleton" were found elsewhere in the cave and in a drawer in a museum collection.)

A person can choose to be naive. I choose to be suspicious, especially suspicious of untestable and irreproducible claims from religious organizations and from paleoanthropologists.
In my suspicious mind, Java Man, Peking Man, Lucy, Turkana Boy, Little Foot, Laetoli footprints, are all examples of naive misunderstandings. I guess you have read my paper here:


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