Re: Bioko and Afar are both good candidates for AAT location


As I read about Graecopithecus and Ouranothipthcus, I think that almost no one really believes that they are relevant for human evolution. Graecopithecus seems to be known from only one fossil find and is of a very uncertain age. That loose fossil could have been found anywhere, and just claimed to be from that place in Greece. Why waste your energy putting faith in such things? This is like those who believe in religious relics. Obviously such an exciting claim can be a "success" for the person who publishes something about it, and for the place where it was supposed to be found, but it is not science to believe something like this that cannot be tested and repeated by independent and impartial scientists.

I have added two new lines of text to my cartoon at Question: "What are you finding here?"  Answer: "Lots of interesting fragments!"  Of course you can find interesting fragments various places, and it can be exciting when others say they found them. But DNA tells us very clearly that fragments 7-9 Ma old that are found in Europe are not the ancestors of humans. If you do not accept the DNA dating evidence, and the DNA evidence that says we are very closely related to chimpanzees, then I think you are functioning like a religious believer. Even though you are a scholar (many priests are excellent scholars) with lots of detailed knowledge and much good understanding, you are not making sense as a scientist if you believe these things and deny the DNA results.

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