Re: Bioko and Afar are both good candidates for AAT location


Bioko last became separated from the mainland only 10 kya. But as you see in Figure 4 here: A paradigme for the evolution of human features Bioko was separated many times from the mainland, for long periods. And Bioko was always separated before about 2.5 mya. At any time when it was separated, a small volcanic island could have appeared just away from the other parts of Bioko. This new small volcanic island would be barren for a while. If chimpanzees rafted to a small island, and could not swim over to the big island where there was food, they would be forced to eat marine foods. 

It is true that island fauna do not usually survive once there is contact with the mainland. But humans were were quick learners, and they populated the entire globe. They do not follow the usual rules. Most humans were probably eaten by predators once they came to the mainland, but some must have survived. Without isolation on an island, there would be no reason to adopt a marine diet and habitat. Galapagos and the marine iguana is such a good example, because there are no other lizards that have chosen a marine diet. 

Dogs and other animals can shake off most of the seawater, and then fluff up their fur. I don't think salt crystal damage would be significant. Fur is important for sun protection. In the desert and hot sun, animals need fur, and humans need clothing. Breeze helps with evaporative cooling, but there will be evaporation also without a breeze. 

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