Re: Will the AAT-group ignore the Bioko-hypothesis, just as paleoanthropologists ignore the AAT?

Mario Petrinovic <mario.petrinovic1@...>

        But, there is not much difference from my version, where I am taking the Afar region as being barren volcanic. This is the same theory.

        There is another similarity, Bioko is on Cameroon Line, which is also rift, but this one is older than the rift in East Africa. Apes emerged at the time of formation of rift that is in East Africa.

        So, you are, basically, saying the same thing as me, only I am giving additional arguments for living on cliffs.

        So, if you compare Afar and Bioko, Afar is the same thing, only it has more arguments.

On 30.3.2020. 20:48, Allan Krill wrote:

Please read the arguments for the Bioko-version of AAT at and the two articles linked there. And then let's discuss Bioko. 

AAT will not go away, and neither will the Bioko version of AAT. I hope that the AAT-Group does not reject the Bioko version for being too unorthodox, too speculative, not supported by fossil evidence, etc. We have heard similar reasons for ignoring the AAT. Let's discuss the pros and cons of the Bioko-version. Thanks! Allan Krill

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