California Indian Cradle Basket Exhibit For Sale

Jose Rivera

The Museum of the American Indian is selling its "Precious Cargo: California Indian Cradle Baskets and Childbirth Tradition" exhibit.

This exhibit would make a valuable and educational contribution to any permanent collection. This is a wonderful exhibit with Brian Bibby as curator, and an accompanying publication with an introduction by Craig Bates. There is also a video/CD to compliment the exhibit. Topics covered in this exhibit are Form and Function, Taking Precautions, Living in Accord, Touchstones, Ties That Bind, Harvesting Nature's Gift and others. The exhibit addresses the various styles of Cradle Baskets from all over California; such as Sitting Cradles, Rectangular Lie-in Cradles with Hoods, and Ladder-Back Cradles. This exhibit address many themes besides Native Americans; such as child rearing, motherhood, ecological living, women's role in society, and the role of the child in society to name a few. All interested parties should contact Colleen Hick, Ex. Director of the Museum of the American Indian at (415) 897-4064; P.O. Box 864, Novato, California 94947. Website:

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