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'While you were sleeping'...the world went on as it always does. Some of my friends managed to find happiness...to find love again (even if only for a little while). But as so often happens in Mystic Falls everything soon went to 'hell in a hand basket'...this time around it all began with a Siren being freed from the caves beneath the Armory. Which also kick started the search for a relic forged almost two centuries ago...the Founders' Bell. 

It was said to be able to kill the Sirens. Which was a good thing...right? Not so much. If someone with Maxwell blood rang it the twelve times necessary for this to happen hellfire would be unleashed destroying everything for miles. So, that created a bit of a dilemma in that another means of dealing with them had to be found. But unfortunately stuff happened...the bell rang eleven times allowing Cade aka 'The Devil' to pay a visit. 

Things got a little dicey. He killed the Sirens. Enzo died. Stefan became human. He somehow managed to kill Cade. Katherine turned out to be the one pulling all the strings (no surprise there) and this time she wanted revenge. She had accomplices. Bonnie managed to save the day...keeping the hellfire from destroying our hometown. It was a bittersweet victory as it involved the death of Stefan Salvatore

In the following year things were mostly quiet...Matt became sheriff of Mystic Falls and started rebuilding the Founders' Council. The Salvatore Boarding House was turned into a school for supernaturally gifted children by Caroline and Alaric. Damon left town after the funeral. Bonnie traveled the world while secretly working on breaking the 'sleeping beauty curse'...which she has successfully done.

Now something is starting to happen...and the dead are rising.

(TVD Season 9/ The Originals Season 4)

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