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I Marked A Message As Spam and I Got Unsubscribed. What Happened?

It is possible if you mark a message as spam that you will be unsubscribed from 95033talk. 

Some email providers - notably Yahoo, AOL, and MSN - have implemented a scheme called FBL - feedback loop - and services like have to implement it as well or email users at those providers won't get email from the service.

FBL creates a mechanism that tells (in this case) when a user marks a message from the group as spam. There is some question about what happens if email is mis-classified as spam and then expired out of the spam folder, and possibly other issues, but that's the gist of it. then unsubscribes the user from the group because they reported the spam message.

What this means to 95033talk users: if you use one of those email systems (and possibly others) and mark a message from 95033talk as spam, you will be unsubscribed from 95033talk automatically. You can re-join, of course, and you should get an email from giving you a link to resubscribe that is good for 3 days. (And you can always rejoin the old fashioned way: go to and ask to join again.)

The 95033talk moderators have no control over the FBL system, and the developers of can only control one side of it, and must keep the email providers happy. But the developers are very responsive and open to tweaking things as needed to make the experience good for everyone. So if you have any odd experiences related to this, please contact the moderators and share it. We'll pass it on.

And you can always add another email address - from an email system not implementing FBL - to your account here at They're called aliases and you can find them in your profile.

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