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How Do You Decide What To Archive?

All emails sent to 95033talk are archived here on's servers, and are searchable from the UI for 95033talk group members.

The archive on is set of extracted, selected discussions from the 95033talk list. The priority is archiving topics that subscribers most frequently ask about. When we see a number of questions about the same topic posted, we will try to archive that topic to get it up to date on the website. Topics that are asked about infrequently tend not to be updated as often. Some types of postings will not be archived to the website at all, even for popular topics. These include discussions that are timely and informational but not relevant in the future, such as posts on a local fire specifying location and other updates.

We try to keep the most asked about topics up to date on the wordpress archive, but there may be a delay of weeks or even months before they are copied there.

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