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How Do I Find Previous Answers?
How Do I Search The Archives?

We have over 1600 members, average between 500 to 1000 (!) messages a month and have had tens of thousands messages posted since this list started. Many topics may have been discussed in the past. Its always a good idea to search the archives before asking about a topic:

  • go to
  • login with your email address; & password
  • select on “95033talk” from the pull down menu (at the top of the page) named "Your Groups"
  • click on “messages” in the menu at the left
  • click on the magnifying glass (search idon) to bring up a place to enter search terms
  • then enter “dentist” (or whatever you want to search for) in the box that appears
  • finally, hit the “Search” button. That will get you a list of message on 95033talk with the word “dentist” in them since the list was started.

Note that 95033talk was originally hosted on Yahoo Groups. All the old messages have been moved to, but attachments from messages originally posted there could not be moved during the transition, so some older messages may refer to attachments that are no longer available. Generally this will not be an issue, as the vast majority of conversations here are attachment free.

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