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95033Market is the group for people who want to buy and sell stuff and who live in and around the 95033 zip!

Pretty much anything goes - produce, household goods, cars, clothes, plants etc.

Keep it legal, and clean (no adult only type items or firearms)
Make sure you have permission to post whatever you're posting (images etc)
NO asking for money type ads

If you have something to give away, or are looking to get something for free, then go to 95033free.com
If you are looking for local information and recommendations, you're more likely to find that at 95033talk.com

Post Etiquette.

Please put SELL or WANTED in your subject line, depending on what you're posting about.

We're also allowing BARTER/TRADE/EXCHANGE which could be handy for seeds, plants, produce etc

If you buy or sell something, please post a SOLD or BOUGHT so that people know not to contact you about the item.

If you need to re-post the item with a price change, or more info etc, please make sure that is in the subject line. e.g SELL Piano - price change

If you're a home business (make up, vitamins etc), please be courteous and don't spam the list every day. If the moderator gets complaints, you'll be asked to scale it back. Once a month should be enough.

If something doesn't sell and you want to re post, please wait a couple of weeks as things are always in the archive online. We may change this frequency depending on how active the group becomes.

You will find that hitting REPLY to a post will send a message to the SENDER, not to the list.

You can explore the archives by clicking on messages.

Or you can get started with your own posts by clicking on post or sending an email to 95033market@groups.io

And finally, "buyer beware" - moderators are not responsible for adjudicating issues over misrepresentations, swindles, scams, items that don't work etc. Use common sense. If it looks too good to be true, it might be.

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