TERMS OF USE -- How the 7x12 Group Operates

The 7x12 Minilathe forum was founded as a way for machinists, both expert and novice, to help each other learn about our machines and to inspire each other to try new things. Here you can ask machining questions and expect to get knowledgeable answers. You can ask for help in finding just the right technique or design for a particular project.

The files and archives can be searched for helpful hints and ideas to improve your knowledge and the quality of your work.

In return we ask that you confine your discussions to machining related topics,  that you treat each other as you would want to be treated, that you write your messages with a sense of camaraderie, and that you honor the rights of those who willingly give of their time by sharing their knowledge and ideas with you.

Over time a group personality emerges, shaped by the people and personalities who comprise the group.  We would like this group to be friendly and welcoming, a place where machinists of all skill levels come to teach and to learn and we ask your cooperation in meeting these goals.

To help achieve those goals, the following rules govern operation of this group:
* On-Topic posts only. Posts are not normally moderated, except those from relatively new members. But posts which are clearly off-topic will be deleted;   the member's email status may be changed plus their posting status may be changed so their future messages are moderated.  To avoid this, please refrain from responding to OT posts. Leave decisions as to whether a subject is OT to the moderators. Give them a little time to deal with  the matter, and some latitude in judging what is off-topic.

  Experience has shown that some topics can drift into off-topic areas; for example,  posts about using a lathe to make angling equipment can degenerate into fishing  reminiscences and those about making car parts into the merits of member's past vehicles. Posts on making gun parts are a particular problem, as they can end up as general discussions about firearms and ballistics, or worse still as sterile arguments about the merits or demerits of gun control, where no-one is ever likely to persuade anyone else to change their views.
    Think before you post  - is what you will be saying really on the subject of lathes and machining?

* CNC, ELS and 3D Printer topics are handled in the https://groups.io/g/digitalhobbyist  which is dedicated to these and similar topics. Or, https://groups.io/g/3D-Printing-for-Metal-Hobbyists

* Please avoid religious or political asides or references in your messages, and likewise quotations, slogans etc at the end of them.  Limit signatures to 2 lines maximum.
* Be civil to your fellow members; derogatory or combatively worded posts will be deleted, and offenders placed on moderation.

* Pictures: Following our move to Groups.io we would like to allow members to post pictures.   We ask that only machining related pictures of lasting interest be posted. When appropriate include mention of the message number concerning the topic covered in the picture(s).
  Members who expect to post a number  of pictures should make an album containing their name to hold their pictures.  
  Pictures of passing interest should be posted in messages or on public servers like Flickr.

* Files: Members may post machining related files.  Again, these should be of lasting interest.

* LINKS are found in the left menu of the Forum under Databases.

Moderators may remove pictures or files judged not to meet the above stated criteria.

 Moderators are currently: 
John = GadgetBuilder = John@GadgetBuilder.com
Mike = DrMico60
Trevor = Trevor_Rymell 

Maximum size of pictures should be 800x600. Pictures may be cropped and/or resized using Irfanview (free) or any other photo processing program.
One criterion for inclusion is that the photo should be of lasting interest, like a lathe modification or accessory, rather than something which will only be of interest while a question is being asked about it. This avoids "Photos" getting too cluttered with pictures relating to long-forgotten threads. 
*** Moderators reserve the right to determine what is and what is not 
appropriate for this group as well as the right to delete messages and/or 
remove members. This is not up for discussion or debate. ***
Suggestions to members:
When quoting previous posts, eliminate non-pertinent text, but keep enough so your response has some context.
If you want to delete one of your posts: view your message on the forum and then click on the trash can at the bottom. Though you may receive copies of posts in your email, they can only be deleted by visiting the Group.
Members may post "For Sale" info for their personal lathe or related item but we don't allow advertising by vendors; when posting, ensure your email via the Group is correct so members may contact you. Members wishing more info or wanting to
purchase an offered item MUST use email to contact the seller; responses sent via the group will be deleted.
Members may use the group to connect with other members when they need machining done that they cannot do themselves. Responses and further refinement of details should be done via email rather than by posting to the group. See "Helping Hands" in the Files section for 7x12 Group members who will machine items for others at reasonable cost.
New members please look at the files (especially FAQminilathe) and Search the archive for answers to common questions.
Thank you for joining!

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