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My name is Lilly, welcome to FOFU 40-shades-of-food-issues, the support place for all sufferers of any form of food disorder, anything from IBS or coeliac disease to eating disorders like EDNOS, anyone can join if you are a sufferer or a supporter of someone dealing with food issues, we appreciate that sufferers may have other emotional disorders too, so i ask that all sensitive posts around food issues, abuse, etc, be preceded by a trigger warning to protect the safety of the group, we don't do therapy here please seek professional help in a crisis situation, we don't judge anyone here, people of all genders, races, religions and disabilities are welcome, we exclude no-one, i am blind, emotionally impaired, multiple personified, gender neutral, a guide dog owner and have an eating disorder, i have been discriminated against on all these grounds and would never be in the position to judge someone else, so I hope to see you here please feel free to come in we are here if you need us 

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