Checkin List for 3905 75m SSB Late Net [Final]

Donnie Hurst KG4ZOD

Check-Ins List for: 3905 75m SSB Late Net
Zulu Date: 11/26/2020
Net Date: 11/26/2020
Zulu Time: 07:02
Net Control Station: WA6LBU
Net Control Name: Clay
Frequency: 3.902
DX Freq:
Band: 75M
Mode: SSB
Net Logger: KG4ZOD


/V = 3905 CC Very Important person (Office holder, etc)
/MAS = Master Degree Holder
/O = Original Charter Signer
/YL = Young Lady
/C = State Capital
/M = Mobile
/P = Portable

There are 10 different states checked in.

This net was logged with outdated Good In Bureau (GIB) data.

This net was not being logged by the NCS.
There are 2 Capitals on the list.
#1 N7XG(OR)#2 K7OPQ(OR)

No Call
1 N7XG OR /C /V /RMK Relay /NAME=Dean /BURO=cc40
2 K7OPQ OR /C /NAME=Western Oregon Amateur So /BURO=N7XG
3 KG4ZOD NC /V /MAS /NAME=Donnie /BURO=cc40
4 WF4ROG NC /NAME=Ginger Hurst Me /BURO=KG4ZOD
5 KB8UEY OH /V /POR/RMK Relay /NAME=Rob /BURO=cc40
6 W8BI OH /NAME=Dayton Amateur Radio Asso /BURO=KB8UEY
7 N9BFI MI /OUT /NAME=Bill /BURO=cc40
8 KB1XP CT /NAME=Michael /BURO=cc40
9 K4JEL NC /OUT /NAME=Jeff /BURO=cc40
10 KL7JR LA /V /MOB/OUT /NAME=John /BURO=cc40
11 KL7RST LA /MOB/OUT /NAME=North County Dx Associati /BURO=KL7JR
12 KI4CPB AL /NC /OUT /NAME=Frank /BURO=Direct
13 WI8W MI /NAME=Jim /BURO=cc40
14 WA6LBU OK /V /NAME=Clay /BURO=cc40
------------LATES FOLLOW--------------------
15 AC8UW OH /NAME=Philip /BURO=cc40
16 NO8I OH /NAME=Huber Heights Amateur Rad /BURO=Direct
17 WY6N CA /V /NAME=Wayne /BURO=cc40
18 KD8SAV OH /NAME=Gary /BURO=cc40
19 W6PNY ND /V /NAME=Mac /BURO=cc40

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