Re: [3905Chatgp] Hear ye, hear ye all 9th Area members

Jim Higgins KB3PU


As far as I can tell, Dave doesn't receive mail from the reflectors. All congratulations should go to him directly.

ke9oi1 (at)

73 de Jim, KB3PU

Received from Rog Cal via at 11/25/2020 04:54 UTC:

I would like to begin with my heart felt thanks to Dave Czerniak (KE9OI), our 9th Area Awards Manager. Dave has been an officer of the club for the past 25 years to include doing an exceptional job checking all of our award applications for the last 18 years. Dave has also held the positions of Vice President, Area Director and Awards Committee member.

Dave has contacted me about passing the torch to another 9th Area member. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Hobart (Mike) Poyser (KR9G) to the distinguished ranks of 9th Area Awards Manager! I am confident that Mike will also excell at his new position.

Let's all thank Dave for his outstanding contribution to the club for a quarter of a century of service, and welcome Mike to carve out his own niche as the newest Awards Manager.


Roger G. Callewaert Jr.
9th Area Director

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