Re: [Hamtown] Hear ye, hear ye all 9th Area members

Ben Goldfarb

Congratulations to Mike on taking on this important role!

I want to express my appreciation to Dave, KE9OI, who has been a model
awards manager since long before I joined the club. Before my time he was
also Ninth Area Director, Club Vice President, and Member of the Awards
Committee. He is also a great guy, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the
2015 Eyeball in Nashville. For many years, Dave has been battling serious
illness, and while I offered several times to find help for him if things
got too rough, he always declined. As a pillar of strength who has always
prioritized Club service, Dave has my respect and admiration.

It is my hope that the Board of Directors and the Officers will formally
recognize Dave for his excellent service.

Just my two cents (as "they" say).


On Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 11:54 PM Rog Cal via <w9rog=> wrote:

I would like to begin with my heart felt thanks to Dave Czerniak (KE9OI),
our 9th Area Awards Manager. Dave has been an officer of the club for the
past 25 years to include doing an exceptional job checking all of our award
applications for the last 18 years. Dave has also held the positions of
Vice President, Area Director and Awards Committee member.

Dave has contacted me about passing the torch to another 9th Area member.
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Hobart (Mike) Poyser
(KR9G) to the distinguished ranks of 9th Area Awards Manager! I am
confident that Mike will also excell at his new position.

Let's all thank Dave for his outstanding contribution to the club for a
quarter of a century of service, and welcome Mike to carve out his own
niche as the newest Awards Manager.


Roger G. Callewaert Jr.
9th Area Director

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