A note from the buro...

Robert Lunsford

Please read...
Buro status of ANY station can be checked any time at http://3905ccn.hamshackonline.net/bureau/bureau.php.  We are getting really higgh numbers of cards coming that are not GIB again.  This one is an easy one to prevent.
With Phil AC8UW now bringing the club call NO8I to the net a quick note.
Ø = 0 not O
8 and B are not interchangeable
The call is a 2 by 1 November Oscar Eight India.  There were multiple cards today for NØ8I, NØBI, and other variants.  I know there are still some who refuse to use NetLogger, but it really does cut down on these errors when trying to read your own notes.  These cards are being returned as they do not have the correct call on them and will do Phil no good trying to get a few awards for the club.
Not trying to be a hard @$$ here, but these are relatively simple things that folks can do to in crease the accuracy of their QSLing and save postage and time (theirs and ours).
Lastly, I saw one tonight that really made me scratch my head.  If you work someone, it would probably be greatly appreciated by the station you worked if you sent the card in a timely manner (most of us try to get it within a couple weeks at the most).  Sure we all slip occasionally (stuff happens, life gets in the way) but I got cards for someone who passed away 2 years ago for contacts that were 4 and 5 years old.  I am good at sending out mail, but there isn't any mail forwarding to the Pearly Gates.

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