Awards News, September 18, 2020

Ben Goldfarb

Greetings, 3905ers!

It's starting to feel like fall! Still hot here, though, compounded by my
office air conditioner being on the fritz with no service people able to
get here until tomorrow. Oh, the sacrifices I make to get Awards News out
on time! (Just kidding -- it is my pleasure!)

To all our Jewish members, L'Shana Tovah, and Happy New Year! Have a glass
of wine on me!

We're happy to know that both our President Dean, N7XG, and the Seventh
Area Awards Manager, John, KG7OLD, who live in Salem, OR, are both safe
from the raging fires in their midst. They have both spoken of
respiratory difficulties due to the smoke. Other members on their side of
the country have been adversely impacted by the fires. We hope and pray
that all are contained soon, and that the thick blanket of smoke goes

This week saw thirteen awards going down the mail chute. While there were
no new members, we saw a surge from Seven-land. Certificates are on their
way to nine members in four different call areas.

In what has become a weekly occurrence since his prolific road trip, *MIKE
RUSH, KU1V*, scored another Baker's Dozen Certificate of Appreciation
(#3107) for working K7PGL from thirteen different states on 40M SSB.
Congratulations again, Mike!

*LANNING LEVINE, WA1LNY*, of Marblehead, MA, earned Crossword Puzzle Award
#37 this week at Level One. This is an endorsable award, so the fun is just
beginning. Congratulations and Happy New Year, Lanning!

*JOHN REISENAUER, KL7JR,* of Kershaw, SC, earned the prestigious Pick 30
Award (#73). This award is getting more difficult due to the paucity of
Original Charter Signers still active on our nets. Get 'em while you can!
Congratulations, Yukon John!

*RICH SAMMARCO, KN4CQB,* of Monroe, NC, earned the Alphabet Soup Award on
40M SSB (Certificate #658). Congratulations, Rich!

*JIM STURDIVANT, KN4KYZ*, of Tuscaloosa, AL, earned WAS General #1475 on
40M SSB. WAS is always something to celebrate! Congratulations, James!

*ROBERT BYERS, W4RHB* (Fourth Area Awards Manager), of Hamptonville, NC,
earned two awards this week: The highly desirable and difficult Poker
Player on 40M SSB (Certificate #185) and The Millennium Award #60. Big
congratulations to you, Robert, and thanks for all you do for the Area and
for the Club.

*JOE MILLER, KJ8O* (Sixth Area Director, Board Chairman), of Desert Hot
Springs, CA, earned Quarter Master #111, all on 40M SSB. When I spoke with
Joe earlier this week, he expressed happiness over being issued #111.
Congratulations, Joe, and Happy 111!

*RANDY HANRAHAN, K7PGL* (Assistant Seventh Area Director), of Whitetail,
MT, picked up four awards this week: Baker's Dozen #3107 with KU1V, Night
Owl #397 on 40M SSB, Certificate Hunter #632 at Level 100 on 40M SSB, and
500-Point Award #220 on 40M SSB. Randy is therefore the Awards King of the
Week! Congratulations, Randy, and keep 'em coming!

*BRYAN MENZEL, KB7RAC*, of West Jordan, UT, earned the Work 30 award #144,
which along with the Pick 30 I mentioned earlier was one of our Club's 30th
Anniversary awards from back in 2007. Congratulations, Bryan!

And there you go with the awards for another week!

In a fit of fat-fingered carelessness, in the September 11 issue I
mistakenly reported that JOE MILLER, KJ8O, had earned his Officers Award
#1032 on 30M SSB. No, we do not have special dispensation from the FCC to
run a sideband net on 30M. I should have reported that Joe's award was on
40M SSB. Apologies for the error, and thanks to *MATT K2YS*, for pointing
out what my old eyes hadn't properly proofread!

We'll be back next week with another exciting issue of Awards News! In the
meanwhile, stay well!

Respectfully submitted,

Ben - AE4NT
Awards Secretary

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