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Welcome to the 39-47Dodgetruck Group
 This group is dedicated to 1939-47 Dodge,, Plymouth and Fargo Trucks and all Mopar truck lovers. 
See below for info on the cover photo. 
This web site, on the appropriate database table, includes the official registry for the 1939-47 Mopar trucks. © by dlfenner. It also is a forum for those of us who own or admire the 1939-47 Dodge, Plymouth, and Fargo trucks. When posting messages, be sure to include your name and location at the end of a post. This group address replaces the forum registry and message forum on yahoo groups. Databases there are included here. When posting a reply, please snip or truncate previous messages to avoid lengthy add-ons.  Wow, take a look at the photos guys!  Example. the truck at the top is a restored 1939 TF-37 model, which is the 1.5 ton version of the very common farm or delivery truck back then. This one belongs to member Robert Newton.  nice job, Robert, this one should do well at a truck or car show, and be a pleasure to drive.

For more info, Contact owner Dave Fenner at jobrated.man@gmail.com or Bob Howell at howellr@ix.netcom.com

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