ARRL directors need to hear from you....NOW!!


The recent ARRL board minutes,
<> ,
recommend corralling all the email robot stations (minute 31) to the current ACDS sub bands.
It is important for the survival of cw, and all narrow band modes operating in the RTTY/Data
amateur radio sub bands, that the ARRL directors hear from each one of you on the issue.

Winlink has charged their supporters to get “angry” and contact their directors to oppose confining
all automatic activity to the defined ACDS sub bands. If you’ve ever had one of these robots get
activated on top of your QSO’s you know what the problem is. Winlink is also opposed to the idea that
all digital amateur transmissions should be open to copy over the air.

As of now I’ve seen some rather venomous emails on other lists from the emcomm “save the world”
crowd and the blue water boating forums are lighting up in response to the “get angry” Winlink request.
At stake is loss of free email for the boaters, and the emcomm contingent believes they have a
“statutory obligation” to ply their trade. Emcomm is important but it’s a voluntary activity, not an obligation.

Please contact your ARRL division director and anyone else you can think of to counter the “get angry”
request by Winlink, unless you want the bands to turn into a Winlink email free fire zone.Those of you
that can remember what RM-11306 tried to do, Winlink everywhere, including the phone bands, know
what’s at stake if the Winlink bunch flood the directors and don’t hear from anyone else.

Full disclosure, I’m the author of FCC RM-11831 that sort of kicked off this firestorm.
Feel free to cross post this to any lists that may have an interest in defeating the
“get angry” Winlink spectrum take over. You may see this more than once.