30MDG PSK plus activity hour every Sunday 23:00 UTC - Sun, 08/25/2019 #cal-notice Calendar <noreply@...>

30MDG PSK plus activity hour every Sunday 23:00 UTC

Sunday, 25 August 2019

30 Meter Band 10.141 to 10.142 PSK 10.142 to 10.144 Olivia/Contestia/Dom/Thor/Thrb/etc.



30MDG PSK plus activity hour every Sunday 23:00 UTC

- if interested please participate using PSK to ragchew or experiment with other digital modes on the 30 Meter Band.  Suggested: 30 Meter Band 10.141 to 10.142 PSK  10.142 to 10.144 Olivia/Contestia/Dom/Thor/Thrb/ect. turn RXID/TXID on!.  let your other PSK/Digital Op friends know if you would like more to join in (they need not be a 30MDG to join in!)....also if able KB9UMT Don will open up the 30MDG Chat Room during this time if conditions are poor and you don't see signals on the band.  Thanks for your participation!

Don KB9UMT  30MDG#00001   


Any activity this Sunday night to report? 

I noticed a couple faint PSK traces but no luck on those trying to reply back or filter in better.

Then noticed OA4DOS calling PSK CQ DX and although 100% copy here never replied back to me (although there was some multipath on the PSK signal which PSK can't handle well)....FT4 signals were fewer tonight in 10.140 to 10.142 area but there...and I did have a great 30 minute plus QSO with AI4FR John in FL around 10.142+ (very enjoyable ragchew/QSO TU John).  

Don KB9UMT  30MDG#00001  Founder/Award Manager