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This is a place for members of amateur emergency radio communication organizations to share information about using FLDIGI and FLMSG software to send and receive NBEMS messages.  This group is managed by hams in Los Angeles County, CA but we welcome input from hams across the USA and abroad.  We intend to address topics in this group that include best practices, accountability for message traffic, “what does it mean when….”, and auxiliary equipment configuration (Signalink, RigBlaster, etc.) .

Please Note:  We have huge respect for  - but no affiliation with  - the folks who run groups.io/g/nbems and who have developed the FL family of software.  We are enthusiastic users only!  Please send questions and posts that concern (1) problems or glitches with the FLDIGI, FLMSG, FLWRAP, FLAMP, FLRIG software, (2) configuring your particular radio to work with FL software, and/or (3) the use of FLDIGI/FLMSG in any and all applications other than NBEMS to the masters of the subject at https://groups.io/g/nbems.

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